Al Mouajjanati

The Lebanese Concept Bakery setting ground in Beirut

-scope Ateliers was approached to develop the brand concept of a Lebanese bakery that specializes in 'mouajjanet' (or small bakery bites) with generous servings, a wide range of products and a varied choice of flavors.

A brand name, a visual identity and a store visual language were needed. The name 'Al Mouajjanati' takes hold of the craft of Levantine bakery making.

 The chosen location for the flagship store, the happening district of Hamra, inspired -scope Ateliers to create an urban brand that takes from both the tradition of Arabic calligraphy and the modern approach of calligraphity. House style illustrations and graphics were designed for application on a full range of packages, in-store visuals and communication material.

Al Mouajjanati
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