Helping Imagine a Sustainable Biosphere in the West Bekaa

B-West is a budding initiative in the West Bekaa valley that brings nine regional villages together towards the formation of a sustainable micro-economic biosphere.
The first stage of this ambitious and long-term endeavour encourages women of the villages to use shared regional to make seasonal mouneh (pantry) food staples.
The organic delicacies are then made available for sale at a small pop-up stand near the bio-restaurant, Tawlet Ammiq.

-scope Ateliers developed the NGO’s identity and house style in the same sustainable and proud spirit. The logo is an abstracted representation of the rich and diverse regional landscape. The customised labelling system also uses images of the terrain as monochromatic backgrounds. The label templates pay respect to the women’s labour, with allocated spaces for them to write their names on their products that are consciously packaged in eco-friendly materials. 

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