Khayt el Zaman | Thread of Time

An encounter: the adventure of craftwork by embroiderers exiled by war

“Khayt el Zaman” is an initiative born from encounters with a workshop in Beirut, the daily meeting point of embroiderers exiled by war, and with the craftswomen of the Ersal tapestry workshop. The women of both quarters share ancestral know-how and a common war-torn history. Khayt el Zaman supports these crafts by accompanying the artisans in art direction, by suggesting themes for their embroideries and organizing exhibitions the revenues of which are fully reinvested in the workshops.

Khayt el Zaman’s embroidery and tapestry catalogues showcase the latest artworks of the initiative. They are also the result of an encounter, that of the association’s organizers with -scope Ateliers.

Khayt el Zaman | Thread of Times
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