Levantine Harvest

A Seasonal Cookbook for Sophisticated Medleys of Flavor

Levantine Harvest is more than a collection of familiar recipes from the Eastern Mediterranean, it is a tribute to the fresh seasonal ingredients that comprised the comforting dishes. The comprehensive and functional cookbook offers new flavourful takes on regional favourites, making intriguing palate combinations easy and accessible to anyone wanting to indulge in some simple cooking.

-scope Ateliers worked closely with cook and first time author Lara Ariss and publisher Rawiya to devise a design that maintained the warmth and personal gesture of heritage cooking, while also bringing reverence to the seasonal produce and elegance to the contemporary twists. Clearly laid-out recipes complement the simplicity of the preparation process and appetizing images highlight the ingredients used. Straightforward seasonal symbols indicate the best time of the year to make a most flavourful dish.

Lara Ariss | Levantine Harvest
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